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Mubu and The Ghosts & The Tiger Childrens Book

MUBU-TheGhosts-The Tiger2


Childrens hard back book in the Mubu series. Telling the story of young Lek (Sangduen Chailert) growing up with the various animals around her village.

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Mubu And The Ghosts & The Tiger is the second book in the Mubu The Little Animal Doctor TM children's book series by Peter Alexander. The series is based on the true life adventures of Sangduen 'Lek' Chailert.

In this book, Mubu is told the story of mysterious ghosts that live in the river, by her grandfather. She also encounters a big tiger when she is alone by the river.

Are there really ghosts in the ghost river?

What does Mubu do when she finds herself face to face with the big tiger?

Read what happens. A delightful adventure that teaches children kindness to animals, and explains why animals should be allowed to live freely in their own natural habitat.

The illustrations by Brazilian artist, Paulo Sergio are vibrant and visually stimulating. The Mubu The Little Animal DoctorTM children's book series is educational and perfect for teaching children respect for animals and the environment. There are fun animal facts and photos at the end of each book.